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Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
Do yourself a favour and make sure in between a $300 pistol here and a $1000 rifle there, you go out and spend the money to get yourself a few sets of bdu's. Can't go wrong w/ having a set of woodland and desert in your closet in addition to whatever highspeed stuff you want.

Reason I mention it, alot of newer players go hog wild on the guns etc, and then when it comes time to attend an event start bitching about the uniform req's "but i only have multicam/cadpat/tigerstripe" etc.
Your right im new, one year in and I spent about 2300$ on three gun,s+mag,s. And I maybe spent 250$ on BDU,s & gear. I feel the need to get the gun,s I want first before I can't get them. Not like I wont be able to get them it,s just all that crap about costoms not letting them into canada that makes me want the gun,s more. If you know what I mean.

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