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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
How the hell do you spend over twice what the gun is worth on UPGRADES?!
Doesn't take long to add up. I've got about $950 sunk into my C8A2 so far, and most of that is for upgrades. I'm not even including the cost of extra mags, case and other such accessories. The intial TM M4A1 platform was about $550 of that cost.
  • Metal body - $180
  • Upgraded spring - $20
  • Modify high torque modular gears - $80
  • Tightbore barrel - $40
  • Classic Army ELCAN or EOTech 552 - about $125 each (ELCAN is primarily for my M15 rifle though)
  • flip-up, backup sight - $25
I still need to add an Army Code heavy outer barrel to complete the C8A2 / FTHB look, and that will add another $100, but the it will be cosmetically complete.

Doesn't take long to add up at all.
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