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Originally Posted by jameskersten View Post
I think in the last 8 months I have put around $5000-6000 between my PTW (gun, cylinders, batteries, mags), my ICS M4, more mags, batteries. My LBVs, boots, BDUs, eyewear, side arm, etc. The sad part, I expect i will be putting another $2000-2500 this year, and the sadest part, a couple of my teammates trump me big time in that department. They are the gear whores.
We are no whores, we are connoisseurs! I have probably easily hit the 4-5k mark. It dont really know I stopped counting. Airsoft has made me into a compulsive shopper of female proportions. Take for instance the money I just dropped on a SERPA holster for I gun I dont own yet. Its ridiculous, but I love it.
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