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I used to play paintball here and there. I bought an A-5 that's now up for sale. My dad doesn't want me to sell it but I badly need money for PTW parts. So I'm having trouble deciding if I should sell it or not. It's a good gun, shoots 18BPS on full auto without chopping. A few upgrades could have it shooting 26+.

A big reason I want to sell it is the cost to play paintball. Per outting I need a 2000 pack of balls and 2 20oz tanks. So lets compare the cost per 100,000 rounds.

Paintball: 100K Balls @ $60 per 2K: $3360 with tax.
CO2 (100 fills): $500 (Costs more like 6 or $7 a fill but I can't recall)

100K Rounds of paintball fun: $3860

Airsoft: 100K AE .25g BBs bulk from XT: $410

100K Rounds of Airsoft fun: $410

(Let's count the batteries as part of the initial cost, just like the CO2 tanks. Charging batteries cost $0 per fill. SLIGHTLY more if you pay the bills lol.)

If I played paintball once a month year round that would take over 4 years, but in the end the savings are substansial. And this is High quality airsoft ammo, VS. low-mid end paintball ammo.
The savings will pay off your PTWs eventually.

Keeping that A-5 and making it shoot 30BPS sounds like fun but I can't afford that and airsoft so I think I'll keep it up for sale.

Then there's all the other obvious reasons airsoft is better that have already been mentioned.

EDIT: Okay I'll admit I did compare buying bulk to buying per case...

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