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over a year ive spent...
M14 - 800$
M92 + 2 mags - $420
magnum boots - $170
BDUs vest and all that crap - $350
M4 - 450$
M4 upgrades... - oh god...800$? roughly...(its still going up)
G17 - 300$
USP Tactical - $250
G19 - $340

and the shopping list isnt done yet seeing as how its my first year.

Final (for now) 3880.00$ ...lawl....

mind you i resold a bunch of that the M14 and the USP, G19 + M92 So...that right there is a fair half of a car XD (or so) Or a the majority of a years worth of tuition. Honestly...I think after your first year(s) when youre figuring out what you want or like youll spend a bitchload...after you stop i dont think its too bad

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