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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
In terms of performance, I was left most impressed. I only fired off one full magazine to test it, but it was a fun shoot. This gun shoots HARD. It's advertised as 330 fps, but I easily punched through both sides of a Coke can with it. I tried with 4 different cans to confirm, and without failiure, it punched right through effortlessly every time, placing its muzzle velocity in the 350-370 fps range. I also went right through a brand new Crosman 'gel target' that I unboxed prior to shooting this gun. The only other gun I can do that with is my C8A2 that's loaded with a Prometheus MS110SP spring, and it's also around the same velocity (roughly 360 fps).
Just to let you know, my TM Desert Eagle can go through both sides of a popcan, and it shoots at 310-330 FPS. So you might wanna chrony it.

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