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Jing Gong MP5-J

I purchased this gun new in the ASC classifieds and received it today. I was expecting ok quality, it being a JG, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I received.

The package included the usual gun, hi-cap mag (200 round), a cleaning rod, 1100 mAh mini battery, 220V EU charger (useless in North America), the usual cleaning rod, and Chinese / Engrish manual. A pretty standard fare for any AEG.

Picking it up, I was quite impressed with its feel and weight. It looked good and felt pretty substantial in terms of weight. Don't know what the real steel feels like, but I do like the feel of this gun.

Cosmetically, this gun is quite good except for a few small sore points. There are no trademarks except a "Made in China" mark on the grip plate, so not easily visible. I'm glad there are no such markings on the receiver anywhere. The silkscreening for the fire selector switch is not great, but acceptable. The white marking for "Safe" is rather light, and the edges of all the markings aren't very sharp. Not terrible by any means, and only realy noticeable upon close inspection, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

In terms of fit, everything is resonably solid. There are no creaks or clicks or other sounds from moving the gun around. The removeable flash supressor is the only exception, being just a little loose. It feels really cheap and appears to be built of a different soft of plastic than the rest of the gun. It doesn't feel solid at all, and quite honestly, I have little confidence in its locking mechanism or its durability. I wouldn't be surprised if it was to fall off and get lost in outdoors game. Again, not a serious issue and a metal one would be cheap to get. Despite it not being a tight fit, it causes no noise when handling the gun.

The retractable stock was very stiff at first and required some working in with silicone oil to make its operation smooth. Now it works great. I can see the stock release lever not lasting though. It seems to be made of a different grade ABS than the rest of the gun (same as the flash supressor) and feels very flimsy when compared to the rest of the gun's solid construction.

The rear sight is another part that feels very flimsy compared to the rest of the gun. It turns a bit too easily for my liking, never fully 'locking' into one of its graduated positions. It will click into place, but takes very little to rotate it. Again, a very cheap fix if one were to get a TM sight. Otherwise, all other parts seem very solid.

The only fit issue I could find was the 2 halves of the upper receiver have a gap of about 0.5 mm near the base oif the rear sight. Otherwise, everything else seems great and there's not much of a seam visible where 2 plastic parts meet.

In terms of performance, I was left most impressed. I only fired off one full magazine to test it, but it was a fun shoot. This gun shoots HARD. It's advertised as 330 fps, but I easily punched through both sides of a Coke can with it. I tried with 4 different cans to confirm, and without failiure, it punched right through effortlessly every time, placing its muzzle velocity in the 350-370 fps range. I also went right through a brand new Crosman 'gel target' that I unboxed prior to shooting this gun. The only other gun I can do that with is my C8A2 that's loaded with a Prometheus MS110SP spring, and it's also around the same velocity (roughly 360 fps).

In terms of accuracy, at 30 feet (once I got the hopup set), I had no trouble consistently putting my BBs in a sub-2" grouping on semi-auto. Auto fire was nice and fast with a good rate of fire (I estimate 12-15 rounds per second).

I didn't open the gun up, so I can't comment on the quality of the internals. But it seems that Jing Gong's internals are quite good in terms of Chinese clones, so I would expect this one to be just like any other. It more than likely has nylon bushings and could use a cleaning & proper shim job. But I'm in no rush to open it up, as I've never worked on an MP5 before. I may check out the videos on and eventually open it up to see what its guts are all about.

And as an extra bonus, I managed to get a few good laughs at the Engrish manual. My favorite line was easily where the motor was described: "The built-in high torque FS 480 motor of M5 series will make you feel high while shooting". I'm just looking back now and thinking how much money I could have saved buying weed back in the day had I just had this gun. Remember kids, don't shoot and drive! lol

All in all, I think that for the price, this is one great little gun. Like all JGs, it should probably have a servicing of the mechbox to increase reliability before being fielded, but otherwise, it's a solid shooter that looks good and feels great. But considering it's about 1/2 the price of a TM, I think it's a good deal stock. And for anyone who like to tinker and pimp out their guns, this would make a great upgrade platform. You could easily have a fully upgraded metal gun for about the price of a stock TM. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an MP5 as a either a first gun or as an upgrade platform.

Added some basic pics. Will add more later perhaps. Note that the flash sort of washed out the markings, so they look like they're not there.

  • Great feel
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Good rate of fire
  • Good muzzle velocity
  • PRICE!!! (brand new, $265 shipped)
  • Flimsy flash suppressor with even flimsier locking mechanism
  • Rear sight way too easy to turn out of its firing positions
  • Stock release mechanism is flimsy and will probably break easily
  • Cheap battery that probably won't last
  • Shoots too hot to be used for CQB games when stock

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