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Originally Posted by enigmahack View Post
Gorgeous pics, very nice review as well.

I'd have to say for the money spent, I think it's definitely a worth-while investment based on what you've said.

Something you mentioned: issues with accuracy. Do you find 8/10 shots will hit their mark and then occasionally 1 or 2 will inexplicably veer off somewhere, or just overall the spread is too high for your liking?

I have the L96 and I've found with mine anyway, that after switching to the .25's (Which I know you mentioned you're using) the accuracy becomes RIDICULOUSLY accurate for my personal taste. (40', <1" spread, without wind)

I'm interested to get more information from what you're saying there.

Anyway, great review... and amazing pics.

*Sidenote - what camera do you use? Nikon D50/90? Rebel XT? I love the color and the resolution and clarity are just beautiful. *
I get about 2 inch devience at 20metres, that's about 60 feet.

Camera is FujiFilm A820. I bought it on sale for $170, craptacular camera btw. Those shots are "just" lucky.
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