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Lens Protectors (as created and sold by Amos)

Well this is my first review, it will be updated as time progresses, but i thought i would write this to help the seller (Amos on these boards) out.
For starters, the seller, Amos, was exceptional. While admittedly, my protectors did take awhile to come, i was updated constantly as to their status and the reason behind delay. This was of course only unique to me because he was in the process of obtaining his own machine press. Im sure no one else will have that minor (and i stress minor) problem. He even offered me a set of free protectors for my next scope because of the delay. Thanks Amos!

Now, on to the protectors themselves. They are obviously cut the whatever diameter that you specify.

I ordered 2 sets (4 protectors total). While they were of different diameters, ALL of them are roughly 2mm thick. I can't be too precise as my ruler sucks.


In terms of attaching them, it was very easy, i just used some electrical tape and tape around the edges, as you can (sorta) see in the pic.


The clarity of these lenses are exquisite. You can easily see through them, however the poor lighting in my room would make it seem otherwise. But you must all just take my word for it, that the clarity is superb.


My biggest grip about the product are the white protectors that are stuck to them to ensure that they don't get scratched. While i know that is a redundant statement, and i understand that they are vital for the clarity of the protectors, it was just really hard to take them off. i had to scratch away at the corner of one end so i would get enough of it in my fingers to peel off. Again, this was just me, and it was only for one of the protectors. Worst comes to worse, you will have to use a knife to scrape a little bit of the cover away so you can get your nail underneath it and peel the cover of.


Great product! While i have yet to actually use them in combat, i know that these will work great because of the videos that Amos posted regarding the structural integrity of the protectors. I will of course update this review after i field them and of course, take a hit with them. As for Amos, he was a great seller, professional, quick to reply and answered all of my questions. I will gladly do business with him in the future! In short, he is not some random guy who will steal your money and leave you high & dry without a product.


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