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Looking for a specefic gun for a prop.

Hello there. I'm new to airsoft and do not know anything really about it, other than its hard to get in Canada and costs alot for a good airsoft gun. Im shooting a short comedy for my film school, and basically what I'm looking for is a M4A1 assault rifle (specifically, the M4 has to have a vertical grip for the left hand). I don't need it to be accurate, or be long lasting. I do not want it to be made out of metal. I want it to be crap, and cheap. I also don't need it to look too realistic since the vast majority of the camera shots will be from a medium to long distance, so you wont notice the detail. The only things it needs to be is black, have a vertical left hand grip, and be a 1:1 scale (realistic size). Since im looking for something cheap that is going to be used once, im only looking to spend up to $200 for it. Im curious if anyone knows any place I could buy it in the Vancouver area, or if someone knows a website that has is around that price range.

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