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Originally Posted by your-pastor View Post
ok, im gonna make a list of why its better, people add to it when you feel it be nessasary


players are more mature, usualy+1------players are 12 year old pompus brats
its not messy+1-----------------------------its called PAINTball for a reason
choice in gun model+1---------you get a barrel, tank and a bucket on the top
more accurate+1--------------------------------uhh... well i spray and pray
more distance+1--------^spraying and preying ommits this factor, try lobbing
faster ROF+1------------------------------umm, seim aouto with 2 triggers?
small bruise+1----------------------bigger projectile, bigger briuse.+1lol finaly
realistic+1-------------------------------------not gonna touch this one, -1
magazine fed+1---------hopper fed, jams, exposed, pertruding, holds like 10?
sweet kick ass gear!+1------------paint nade, polyester jersy, hockey padds
cheap, semi reliable knock offs+1------------knock offs explode and kill you-1
customizable+1------------well, 12 foot barrel, new co2 tank, new hopper.....
has a freaking stock+1--its all cqb, with a semi aouto, they dont need stocks
Doesn't really change anything but my paintball gun has a stock... Theres actually a few with stocks, they're still ugly, but they have stocks.
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