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Originally Posted by quick90 View Post
I don't understand what is a matter with people lately. It doesn't matter if demand is much higher than supply, a business is still a business. Believe it or not I've sold Ken's guns in the past, but if he isn't responding, you can't just look at it as we need to support Ken no matter what even if he doesn't respond . One of the main reasons he is selling airsoft is to make money, people need to remember that.
Well holy shit! Some common sense in this thread...

I totally second that. And just like I said in an earlier post - if REAL LIFE is preventing him from properly running his virtual business, then perhaps he should take down his web site and sell his guns privately to the few people he seems to respond to and on forums like here. Seriously, if you can't handle the heat, get out of the frying pan. It's that simple. It's all about priorities.

I have no doubt Ken is a nice guy that's done a lot for the airsoft community. I don't know him and never spoke to him, but that seems to be the general concensus of everyone who knows him. But it seems to me from what people are saying that other issues in life are simply overwhelming him and he doesn't have the time for airsoft anymore. It's all about priorities, and sounds like he needs to be dropping stuff out of his life. Sounds to me like he's doing that already, and that's 007. Sucks, but it appears to be the case.

I understand busy and can sympathize. I have a regular 40-hour a week job. I'm a single parent to an active 8 year old with extracurricular activities with NO support or help from either my ex or family. I play in 2 bands and I run a recording studio. Sadly, the studio, which is a nice 'on the side' money-making venture often had to take a back seat. Because of that, my web site is going offline permanently next week and I'm not taking on any more 'public' clients. I've been around long enough on the local music scene that word of mouth alone could keep me in business full-time if I wanted it to, and I can pick and choose who I wish to work with when I have the time. I'm sure Ken could do the same if he wanted to do that with 007 and few would suffer from it.

Right now, all he's doing is giving himself a bad name to the people that DON'T know him and his reputation in the airsoft community. Yeah, YOU guys know he's a good guy, but to 90% of the people landing on his site looking for airsoft guns, he's just a dick that never replies to emails. That doesn't mean he IS a dick. It's just the perception people are left with after unsuccessfully trying to get a quote from him.

Originally Posted by Beazer View Post
I understand your positions but when you consistently bring it up any time his name comes what you can. If you cannot get an answer, perhaps pm him on JOC or call him every single day until you get a reply. Who knows maybe your getting his numbers or emails all wrong for some silly reason. He did change his e-mail recently FYI.
Don't need his services anymore. Thanks to ASC and people I've gotten to know here, I can get just about any airsoft gun I could possibly want - even hard-to-find guns - for less money. Like the Real Sword Type 56. Got it with no problems and for a great price. It's en-route to me with scheduled delivery by Friday. From the time of order to delivery will be just under 5 weeks. Not bad at al considering it was a custom order.

And I only bring it up when there's a thread about people who want to know what's up because Ken never answers their emails. Seems to be a regular complaint around here. And I know for a fact I got the email addresses and phone and fax numbers right. There's no mistake on my end. I'm not chasing someone down in order to give them my money.

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