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Emails, I waited about 10 days in between. When those failed after about 6 weeks, I called a couple of times... When that failed, I sent 2 faxes, also about 10 days apart. I doubt I was overwhelming him in any way. I was neither pushy, nor demanding. Each email, I simply left a generic request for a quote on "Products X and Y" and left all my contact info, including telephone number. Nothing more than that. If that's all it takes for him to choose NOT to do business with me, then that's his problem. If he doesn't want to take on new customers, then he should just shut down his site and do business in classified sections of forums like ASC just like other "part time dealers" do.

Anyway, like I said, it doesn't really matter. I have more sources for guns now than I can choose from. I have no need for Ken or his astronomical pricing.
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