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Originally Posted by kos View Post
Well, those prices are outdated. But, I doubt that matter

Anyway,yeah, I'm pretty sure once mark is done, ken's out too.

What's puzzling is... I paid 1980(plus $80 shipping) for a PTW M4A1 MAX '08... BUT, Anderson had the same gun, and same package (unlike ThePirate's orders, that come with alot more goodies... goddamnit) for 2,450 or something retarded like that. Doesn't make sense.
+1. If you want a price from Ken, e-mail him and ask. I find for me it takes 1-2 weeks for him to answer, but unlike Mark I always do get an answer from ken. Every gun I've asked him for a quote on has been $50-$100 less than A&A.

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