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Originally Posted by Naglfar View Post
As far as I understand, he will NOT be bringing anything in as of March, because he gets his supply from Mark Anderson.
Also, shootsoft sells chinasoft and clearsoft, not TM/CA/VFC/STAR/ICS/etc they don't even do restricted parts or have any WA/TM/KSC pistols.

JG and ECHO1 will start to overtake what we now call the quality AEGs (not to bash JG or E1 but they are still not up to the standards of TM, for ex.)

This will drive the price of TM up as people want more quality, eventually if there's a steady supply, PTWs will hopefully become more prevalent.

I bought from Christian a KSC P226. It was a custom order. I still haven't received it and tracking doesn't work, but we'll see if I receive anything this week. Anyway, I guess if his inventory doesn't satisfied you, you can ask for other things... Good luck.

BTW, anyone had problem with shipping from
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