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plz help me fix this battery

i went to this hobby store and bought a 6 cell 1400 intelect battery, i bought it because the guy working there told me i could just sodder 2 extra batts on the end and that would do it. so he made it sound very simple. its been 4 hours and i cant do it. first off, i have sanded the batt terminals to hell and the sodder still wont hold to the battery, secondly, the metal conectors they sold me to sodder onto the batteries wont even hold.

i am VERY agrivated right now and i have tried EVERYTHING... plz will someone help me out here, is my sodder gun just a peace of shit or am i doing somethign wrong? or is it just not possible to make a battery?


thx danny

( i have many batts so its not like i cant play now or ne thing, i was just trying to make a 9.6V )
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