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As you can see I've invited some of the Airsoft Retret forum guys to register and post on here to support interest. Welcome reddeth!

Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
just out of curiosity, what does your M24 crony at with .2's stalker?
This is one of the issues I'm trying to figure out, my M24 decides on a nightly basis what it wants to shoot at. One night it'll sit around 508fps, another 490fps, another 480fps, another 520fps. No adjustments, not anything, it just does what it wants. Even the temperature doesn't fluctuate that much (generally right now it's sweater temp downstairs, maybe in the low to mid teens). Only thing I can think of fluctuating is the rubber hop up unit and the rubber piston head (like in a vacuum tube amplifier, the only things that can wear out are capacitors, namely electrolytic, and the tubes themselves, nothing else will wear out or vary under normal temp ranges) but I'm not dealing with extreme temperature fluctuations, so I'm really at a loss right now.
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