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Originally Posted by tryggva View Post
Wow, I just signed onto this site, as I am interested in seeing how the airsoft community internationally plays, and if you people are the indicator then already Canada fails. Only 1 person was nice to a another, younger player who was just sharing his gun with everyone of which he was very proud. Instead of offering helpful advice, or approaching his choice of external upgrades with a "If it makes you happy, go for it" attitude, all you did was blast him and a few took potshots at his country of origin. If anything was sad on this thread, it was your treatment of another fellow human being and player of this game. Way to go.
wow. you said it yourself. where do you get off telling us how we role in Canada. maybe if you looked around on these forums you will see why the others are being the way they are. where are you from by the way?

I'm sorry alot of people here don't like idiots who thinks they are even half smart.
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