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Hehe, good one Scarecrow! VERY good one!

Ronan, fields with sniper limits have those limits set at 0.20g BBs, aka. 450fps with a 0.20g. As the BB weight goes up, the velocity goes down. Difference in 0.36g and 0.20g that I've seen repeatedly is roughly 100fps, so a 450fps rifle with a 0.20g BB will chrony at 350fps with a 0.36g. Therefore, all BB weights in between those two will also fall within that velocity range. I'd guess that 0.34g BB would sit around 360-370fps, will be easier to get the rounds farther than 0.36g (not as powerful a gun required), and be more wind resistant and stable than 0.30g. I'd prefer 0.33g, but I honestly can't say why (other than in between 0.30g and 0.36g) or which weight would be better, if much of a differnce at all. I mean, 0.01g is pretty tiny.
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