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I aim to please guys, and I'm probably one of the very few that has the time, means and ability to shoot anytime I want at home (30ft basement, but also have access to a 90ft indoor "range" that I use a few times per year to zero at longer distances and adjust hop up).

Looks like I've become a pretty staunch advertiser of BB Bastards on Airsoft Retreat, seems one or more think that if they want Bastard 0.33g or 0.34g BBs they have to buy 10 bags as a preorder. Of course I'm telling them they need to show interest to Scarecrow, which will settle his mind and allow individual sales as always. Maybe it's the way I typed the info, maybe it's the way some of them understood it. Anyways, keep tabs on that thread down there, that will largely be 2/3 of the Bastard market if things work out well.
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