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Thanks for such an informative thread, Stalker. bastards FTW. you do get what you pay for compared to other leading brands in the market.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Thats been in the works since the .30 product. I am seeing if it can be done for this next spring order. If so, it probably will be .33 or .34. I am looking into heavier ones as well.

Depending on the interest I may just do a special order on the heavy stuff - have anyone interested in say .34 buy 10 bags upfront or something in order to make sure the order is workable. I don't want to get stuck with 1000 round bags of .34s that take people 2 years to go through...
i'll be interested in your .34g bastards the next time i do another order with you Scarecrow.
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