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Welcome to the world of private couriers; ie., UPS/Purolator/FedEx, Etc.! Sorry it had to be such an expensive and harrowing experience.

For those who are unaware of the rules they operate under suffice to say that whenever any package (not letter) crosses an internatinal border, they will charge YOU a brokerage fee to legally clear customs and to deliver the goods to you. This usually means about an 80% charge on top of what you paid for the item.

Those blood sucking parasites who Canada Post work for (Rev Canada) only charge either $5, or $8, to process the same package, plus the requisite duties and taxes.

Either way, it's highway robbery. But, I would rather pay Canada Post. The lesser of the evils. I never buy from an international seller who does not offer postal service of one form, or another.

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