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+1 to never UPS again

I have ordered a 3000$ laptop off e-bay.

Took 3 months before it cleared customs.
It was shipped twice, and both times it got stuck and left there over 2 months.

I finally got it because the seller was a canadian, and he had to travel to the states for buisness. Brought it back with him, and I got it 2 days after.

Traded 5 G36 mags a few weeks ago. They first "couldn't find my appartement", then lost the parcel on the return shipment.
Then they dropped it to the next door because I was not home. The guy though he was "doing the right thing". He also forgot to mention where it was supposed to go (the adress was torn-off by the driver when he gave it to my neighbourg. BTW I lived at a dorm-like place on my school campus. Luckily, they didn't opened the box. And I managed to get it.

I had to pay a 200$ brokeage fee on a 310$ order about 2 years ago. (Not AS related). Damn, the box was about 10"x12"x5"!

Fuck never UPS again.
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