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Originally Posted by Sha Do View Post
DUDE, I've been bugging SCARECROW since his induction as "the BB Bastard" to start carrying .36's....and I mean for years, with nada, zilch, 0.0 on the .36's...ggrrrrrr.
But, if he can come up with a mid-heavy weight BB (such as the suggested .34's) I might forgive him for all the years I've had to pay more than $30 a bag for my graphite coated .36's......and BTW; am I the only one running graphite coated .36's anyways???

Well, I carry a small stock of dedicated 0.36g BBs for high wind conditions with my M24 (although I still have to re-adjust my hop up which sucks), but mostly my 0.36g have been getting me kills out of my KSC G19 out to (sometimes past) 100ft. Heavy BBs rock through brush and for distance.

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