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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Easy plan, take 3/4 of that total and sell them in the US, there are a LOT of interested players in the Sniper's Perch that are interested in a new type/weight of heavy precision sniping round. And a few wanting 0.43g also, but they are largely those that run 600fps+ rifles (much smaller market).

Oh ya, guaranteed I'd be buying a few bags of 0.34g if you get them out. Be cooler if they could be made a light grey colour (still easy to track from the shooter, yet harder to see when on the receiving end of them).
DUDE, I've been bugging SCARECROW since his induction as "the BB Bastard" to start carrying .36's....and I mean for years, with nada, zilch, 0.0 on the .36's...ggrrrrrr.
But, if he can come up with a mid-heavy weight BB (such as the suggested .34's) I might forgive him for all the years I've had to pay more than $30 a bag for my graphite coated .36's......and BTW; am I the only one running graphite coated .36's anyways???


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