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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Thats been in the works since the .30 product. I am seeing if it can be done for this next spring order. If so, it probably will be .33 or .34. I am looking into heavier ones as well.

Depending on the interest I may just do a special order on the heavy stuff - have anyone interested in say .34 buy 10 bags upfront or something in order to make sure the order is workable. I don't want to get stuck with 1000 round bags of .34s that take people 2 years to go through...
Easy plan, take 3/4 of that total and sell them in the US, there are a LOT of interested players in the Sniper's Perch that are interested in a new type/weight of heavy precision sniping round. And a few wanting 0.43g also, but they are largely those that run 600fps+ rifles (much smaller market).

Oh ya, guaranteed I'd be buying a few bags of 0.34g if you get them out. Be cooler if they could be made a light grey colour (still easy to track from the shooter, yet harder to see when on the receiving end of them).
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