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Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
On the whole 1998 law thing, I'm wondering something. May be this is not the spot to be asking this but, the paintball shop downtown of where I live, sells basicly "airsoft".. It ranges from 150$ ish to 300$ ish I've seen. The guns usually have metal bodies, are 1:1, and mostly have crap to okay internals. How on earth does this work? Like, how do they manage to get their guns in or where from? For example, I've seen the Kirenex in there, a Lycan MP-5, and some other aftermath brands. Now I understand some provinces have stores which get the odd Kraken AK which is clear, does that make a slight difference? Wee bit confuzed on this one, and sorry if this is entirely the wrong place to be asking this.
Many customs officials and border entry points aren't well versed in what replicas are, or that they are necessarily disallowed.

The problem comes down to whether they are treated as toys or replica guns. In some cases businesses have been importing them for so long, permits or not, that neither they nor the customs officials who might process their imports realize there's a problem - yet. In due time I would expect they will get the attention of the powers that be, but it can take a very very long time.

Clear guns are ok to import, and are considered imitation firearms.
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