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Hey dude

I'm waiting for some packages too.

I just looked back at some of my old ehobby orders and I noticed that ALL of the packages say "PACKAGE WAS SENT TO CUSTOMS FOR INSPECTION" on the canada post tracking info, but i've only been charged duties maybe 3-4 times (and i'm looking back > 15 orders).

Packages seem to be backlogged right now in vancouver due to the weather. My tracking info for one of my packages has said "package was cleared by canada customs" for the past 5 days.

As for duties, I've noticed that packages sent via EMS from HK (the standard method from Redwolf, UNCompany, WGC) always seem to be inspected and have duties charged. I can tell you that i'm not the only person out there who has had to shell out close to $50 worth of duties for a systema complete mechbox. But sometimes, you luck out and although your package is inspected, you don't have duties charged.

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