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Originally Posted by Lerch View Post
Oh, note for all those who ship often...FUCK UPS...first time and last time
UPS will ass-rape you every way possible when it comes to brokerage fees. They tacked on a $45 brokerage fee on a guitar tuner that cost $30 on ebay, ON TOP of the customs charges.... Then, they have the audacity to send me another bill in the mail about a month later with an extra $15 or so in charges for fuel surcharge, handling, etc... WTF?!?!?

So anyone out of country that uses UPS, I refuse to buy from. I will not give UPS a penny of my money.

On the customs topic, I ordered a metal slide and outer barrel for my P226 a while back. It arrived in country last Saturday. Went to customs, was opened and inspected, and I had the slide in my mail box on Tuesday. I had no issues there at all.
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