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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
There are lots of people in this community that would loose their livelyhood if they were convicted of a Criminal Firearms Charge.. Myself amoung them.. and I don't give it a second thought.. I have weighed the risk.. and it is vanishingly small.. I would likely win the lottery first...
I think you summed it all up with that line right there. As long as people don't do stupid things with their guns, there's no reason to go after individuals for the act of transferring an airsoft gun. When you look at it on a bigger scale, if shops like A&A and 007 weren't shut down and convicted for overtly selling hundreds of guns on the Internet (even though they face heavy legal pressure and Mark has a lot of hassles with customs), then there's little chance of them ever coming after individuals for trading in single airsoft guns for private use and collection. These things are going into the hands of players and collectors - people that will be responsible owners, and not kids and criminals - and they know it. What's the point of spending tons of money to make criminals out of responsible 'toy' owners that have done nothing wrong. Yes, they could win in some cases if they were determined to, but it's hardly a victory worth fighting for on their limited resources.

I'm in the same boat that a firearms conviction of any kind would instantly lose my security clearance at work, and my job along with it. I don't give it a second though either. The only way airsoft is ever going to get me into legal trouble is if I go do something stupid with my guns. And if I do that, then I deserve whatever I have coming to me for being an idiot. And the chances of that ever happening are even slimmer than winning the lottery.

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