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Originally Posted by techobo View Post

So there really are two answers to the question, "Is airsoft legal to own?"

1. If you purchased it before 1998, yes.
2. If you purchased it after 1998, no.
No not exactly..

If you purchased a gun after 1998 you comitted an Illegal ACT the gun is still legal to posses regardless of when you got it.

ALL replica firearms are legal to own.. but according to the law you are not supposed to buy any after 1998..

No one can seize your guns just because you have them.. If they wanted to charge you with the ACT of illegal transfer they would need more than the basis that "you must have purchased it after 1998" A judge would laugh that out of court.

The fellow that got the Scare in PQ was videoed selling guns from the trunk of his car at games... they had him.. and even then they only threatened charges if he did not cease and desist.

There are lots of people in this community that would loose their livelyhood if they were convicted of a Criminal Firearms Charge.. Myself amoung them.. and I don't give it a second thought.. I have weighed the risk.. and it is vanishingly small.. I would likely win the lottery first...
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