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Why must our country be like the legal laughing stock of the world. Our laws are so inefficient I get the picture of some beurocrat banging us on the head with a blunt club all day long.

Like seriously, if they want airsoft banned....then why don't they just fucking acknowledge it clearly and ban it??

If they want to tax the shit out of it and make money, why don't they get off their asses and do that?

Why don't they just make up their fucking minds? And why must our country be so soccer momish. Why can't they actually send someone out to do a case study on airsoft or something if they haven't already picked up enough about what it's really about on these boards.

As I was discussing with this 80 year old woman from Germany in my work, our government blows! And she was in quite the position to lecture me on efficiency and government issues being 80 and German and having lived there and all.

I know legal proceedings take for fucking ever, but seriously....There's what, only 32 millionish people in this country? It's now been almost 10 years since the last semi-direct action has been taken against airsoft and the hobby has done nothing but flourish in that time. If they have people watching us then they obviously have some intrest. Why the fuck can't they just do something?!?! (something good )

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