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To remove the the flash suppersor just push down the detent pin and unscrew it. Fairly easy compared to removing other flash suppersors.

The rear sight has two different apertures.

As you can see by these comparison pics the CA has more of a matte finish, while the VFC has a shiny new from the factory look. The wood on the CA has a cheaper less finished look then the VFC.

Another comparison photo with a CA and a real steel.

I don't have a chrono so I can't verify the info sheet, but the gun fires fast and accurate with an 8.4. I would like to upgrade to 9.6 and see what kind of rate of fire I can get. As far as mags go, it works perfectly with CA high caps. I have heard TM mags will not work correctly but I can not verify that. Overall I think its a well put together gun with a little more attention to detail then your average AK.
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