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Excelent! verry happy!

i just got my JG hk416

let me tell you looks sweet!

leGROS and snakeDOCTOR a verry big thank you.

they are bolth realy nice guys. i had the chance to meet them at the last action commando game and talk to them about there product and there websight. even thogh they where not at all ready to start selling there stock yet the have pulled throgh with verry good reviews. they know there suff and know there product well.

bang for the buck the JG are good for beginers and seasond vets of the sport.

they have realy started something nice and i would deff recomend them to anyone who wants a new gun.

keep up the good work leGROS and snakeDOCTOR and i expect to do more bissness with you all in the near future and would deff recomend you to my team.


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