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Thanks for all the thanks guys. I felt I could try and help clear up some of these nagging problems people have on this forum. I'll add a few more q&a's tomorrow if I can remember.

Originally Posted by GraveTech View Post
I just want to point this out... all they have to do is look at the date of manufacture of the model of your AEG/GBB. Like you state though, they don't seem to care (at this point)
None of the airsoft I own has a date of manufacture on it, in fact some of false dates because of the guns they replicate. Besides, everything I own are prototypes I got in march of '98, aren't yours?

Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
i salute you! (speaking of which, why dont all of the little faces seem to work)
on to my real question. i am still confused after reading all of that as to airguns and airsoft. i thought i got it after you said that airsoft are replicas, but the thing i dont understand is that i could go to crappy tire and buy a 1:1 scale replica of a walter P99 pistol that was full metal and whatnot and was black. that to me seems like a replica. so why can't airsoft then be mashed into the same category?
By default airsoft and exact replica airguns (most are not exact copies but come very close) would be considered replicas and both be banned. Because the airgun industry is much more significant than airsoft now, and even more so in 98, they were afforded implicit protection from anti-replica legislation. However, it is not explicitly enshrined in any legislation, airguns just have a blind eye turned towards them, so I would definitely say the possibility exists to use it in our favour - the problem is that the fall back position for legislators would be to make airsoft and any replica airguns all illegal.

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