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Originally Posted by SHaKaL View Post
I dont know him in person but by his way of posting he sure dont sound to much humble... If he's tired of ignorant peoples posting in this thread; maybe he should no post and take a break. I'm sure in person he might be a great guy but you dont convince peoples by insulting them online...

Organising ourself might be a bad move or it can pave the road to legalize airsoft in Canada... Who know?

And as far the last part of my post you quote; i'll take Hojo opinion over Brian anyday....
I apologize... it is simply frustrating to see very well organized redactions of law.. pummeled to oblivion by ignorance.

HO JO summarized very well the laws... which by the way have been posted with interpritation for TWO YEARS at my site.

I agree that his opinion's and interpritations far outweigh mine... and everyone should read his most recent post and for god's sake IGNORE what every one else says.. because he is right.. and informed and experienced in the licensing and retail side of this issue and as far as I am concerned this issue is now settled and any inquiry hence forth should be directed to his post.
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