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Quick after action report. Gun was used today during RSP training. First issue is the stock wiring harness, it's poorly designed with a little too much wire. No big deal can be fixed really simply. Next issue was a big one, weapon stuck on full auto. Brought it home and pulled it apart. Hands down one of the easier tear downs I have ever done. Got the gearbox apart and inside I found a small washer wedged into the trigger connector. It was completing the connection and causing it fire as soon as a battery was connected. Tore the entire box apart and could not find where it came from. Seems like something that fell in when the gun was assembled. It's now back together and 100% again. Overall very easy gun to work on.

Back into the gear box again today. Used process of elimination to figure out what the problem was.

Found that the gear box was putting too much pressure on the trigger contacts and was causing them to bind up. Put a spacer in and it seems to have corrected that problem. Of course now I seem to have disabled semi, but thats a project for another day.
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