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SCAR part II

The battery wiring is attached to the gear box using a contact setup, fairly innovative. This set up allows for the easy disassembly.

When the stock is folded there are no exposed wires.

The bolt catch is fully functional.

With the bolt locked to the rear the hop-up can be accessed. The all purpose tool can be used for this also.

The rear and front sight fold flat for the use of optics.

With the stock collapsed all the way and the CQB barrel the weapon is slightly shorter then an M4 CQB.

Where the weapon really comes into it's own is when the stock is folded. It is now set up ideally for vehicle use.

This weapon has so many features this review is going to be a multi part. I have only test fired it so more testing is required before I go into that. I am also going to get my hands on a CA SCAR for some direct comparisons. So bare with me it's going to take a few days to complete this review. I will be happy to field any questions at this point.
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