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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Brian doesn't write like he's the king of airsoft, he writes like he's tired of ignorant opinions. Can't say I don't agree with him. If you've met him in person, you'd know better than to accuse someone that humbled by his experience of something that ridiculous. When someone spend all day accurately quoting CCC and legal precedence only to have some people spew the same ill-founded and baseless opinion, it gets a bit tiring.

And it's amazing how many times we can say this without it sinking in: legal to own but illegal to transfer. If you have no feasible plan, it's just rocking the boat for the sake of rocking the boat. I've said this before, we can make things worse. Transfer is illegal. If we call enough attention to ourselves, it's possible that the police will be forced to come after our private sales.
I dont know him in person but by his way of posting he sure dont sound to much humble... If he's tired of ignorant peoples posting in this thread; maybe he should no post and take a break. I'm sure in person he might be a great guy but you dont convince peoples by insulting them online...

Organising ourself might be a bad move or it can pave the road to legalize airsoft in Canada... Who know?

And as far the last part of my post you quote; i'll take Hojo opinion over Brian anyday....
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