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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
With all the posts by knowledgeable poeple how is it that people can still let crap dribble out of their pieholes? maybe some remedial reading comprehension classes may be in order... a little "hooked on phonics"

The "sport" is NOT at risk... it never was it never will be.. we can all go back to shooting paintballs at one another and still play our "sport"

Or we can go to Laser guns like they are in Australia and we can keep doing our "sport"

The airsoft guns are not required to play this sport..

Sure it would suck... but you could still go out and shoot your friends for fun.

Now... the particular items that we use to play our "sport" are at risk... but that risk has not been any different today than it was in 1998.. Except that it seems today the enforcement of 10 year old laws are cramping us currently.

The flow of airsoft guns may be restricted.. but it will not be stopped any more than the flow of illegal firearms into Canada will be stopped.

If you are well funded and committed you will be able to get airsoft guns if you want them.
Maybe you should stop insulting peoples...

Why dont you come down from your ''king of airsoft throne''? Because some peoples dont have the same perception as you of airsoft dont mean they dont know shit or suffer from dyslexcia...

From my point of view; YES i need and aeg or gbb to play airsoft... as the name implied... you need an airsoft gun to play airsoft! Or you're playing laser tag or paintball...

The only part im in accord with you is yes there's plenty of airsoft in the classified. And as long we can import internal part, we can play and fix our aeg/gbb. Maybe in the future some other brave soul wil put up a new retail venue for airsoft, who know? But as far i can see, untill airsoft is legalize; we will have to pay premium price to have the latest release from the manufacturer... Cause you know... we dont have any real importers now.

The part that i disagree is that we need to start being organized and recognized as a legitimate hobby/sport, if as you say ownership of airsoft gun is legal; i dont see any problems with that.

Edit: Anyway its always the same shit; Retailler close, peoples say how sorry they are the retailler closed, then... nothing change peoples wait for new retailler...
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