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Originally Posted by R4dioT3ch View Post
Read Kokanee's post about Slamming/Heckling new board members.

If you think that I need any lessons in the differences in airsoft vs, airgun, vs. replica, just remember that only being on this board for a month doesnt mean I'm a newbie to anything other than posting on this forum.

The forum was regarding incidents related to AIRGUNS, not airsoft inparticular, maybe YOU should read fully before replying.

I'm sure you'll reply to this with some smartass remark. Dont bother, I'd preffer that a Moderator lock out this thread, because any attempt to have a decent topic of conversation is impossible unless I have a thousand posts under my belt... Right?

I feel sorry for those who actually have a genuine concern for the future of Airsoft, as you and your attitude are truly one of those putting the sport at risk.

You are obviously someone involved in the airsoft community, you have knowledge of this forum as well which leads me to think you are possibly a member who has another account.

If this thread was not created, the kitchener post would go on reporting to the housewives that little billy was shooting a bb/pellet gun and blah blah someone lost an eye. Are we supposed to write them to tell them about...what exactly?

It's my feeling you have a different agenda, if so what is it?
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