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as always the sport is always on the edge of getting shutdown.

the sport lives in canada in the gray zone.
regardless of laws ETC and the endless debate on firearms leglisation laws and loopholes the fact still remains.

the gun's we want to own are iligal to import unless for movie, tv, and or theatrical reenactments and you have to have the licences to import it and to sell them.

even if you say the gun's can shoot over 407 FPS
or even if you can get them to shoot under 100 FPS
they can still be classified as a restricted firearm becuse they are made to look with near persision as a real firearm. it even will say so on most boxes that the guns come in. you can debate that fact.

the only way out is to play with clearsoft.
anytakers ???? anyone???? ... don't think so.

but here is the problem i see.
all it takes is one kid.... and we all know that this is GOING to happen one day!
some perrent is going to buy a mp5 for jonny for his BD
he is going to take a mp5 too shool or something
the police will see him with it.... and bang... soccer mom's yell how can this happen............ and in one fall of the hammer airsoft dies.

if you make a canada wide organization with registation into the group would be the first step. like the airsoft renactors club of canada or someting.

much like the US civil war reenactors

then once that is in place then you have more of a justifiable means to get the ball roleing on legilation or importation or whatever we need.

this debate is realy pointless.
i have seen these treads popup at least 3 times
everone has verry good idea's but ..

you have to get organized first.
once that is done then and only then can you make changes.

i know that one day that the sky will fall and in on our sport but we as a comunity can dictate HOW the sport lives in canada. in my mind i would love to see this happen but.. evertime somone pop's up and says something about this topic the people always say it's been tryed... or .... no becuse then it will bring our sport into the light and might get banned. in my mind those where half harted attemps and it all depends on HOW you do it and who is in charge of the attempt.

we have to take baby steps. we have to look into how to make the sport justifiable to the general popluation. not how to get airsoft into canada.

step 1 : organize
step 578999 : find way to import airsoft into canada

my 2 cents

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