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Originally Posted by GraveTech View Post
If it shot over 500... I am sure there'd be all sorts of fun things like... ...the larger than 5 (or whatever it is) round mag. etc. etc. would come in to play.
I wonder about that, because you can legally get air guns in Canada that shoot over 500 fps AND have high capacity magazines.

One example of this is the Umarex replica of the Beretta Cx4 Storm. There are 2 versions of this gun. One is the one widely sold in Canada and that can be legally imported by anyone. It shoots at 495 fps. There's a second version (the "American" version - the only one they sell in the US) that has a manufacturer's stated velocity of 600 fps (apparently it's closer to 620, and can break 650 with the right pellets). This gun is available in Canada, but required a PAL to buy.

Yet, both those guns come with a 30 round magazine.
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