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Originally Posted by Jayhad View Post
a PRO-WIN settles the PTW vs none-PTW debate in one trigger pull, sure a ptw is accurate to scale, but your mags are worse to purchase then aug mags and then they go and pop the bb follower in the grass, a good $65.00 well spent.
Plus if I recall Pro-wins are able to be legally obtained in canada, take your V2 based weapon drop in a PRO-win and experience 10 years of reliability..... to me it seems like a no brainer, but I am not a PTW owner

But this thread and so many others like it aren't about PTWs. It's about the impedding DOOM of
Everything;s about the PTW :P

You don't need the BB follower.

Replacements are $4

Magazines are $50 (Or 6 for 250) from accross the border.

"but I am not a PTW owner"

Ahhh I C.

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