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It's been done before, but the results were not as you'd hope. Like I said, pretty hard to argue a Marui coming into Canada shoots 450 fps while Marui's the world over shoot 300 fps.

They go by what the gun is designed to do, backed up by it's actual performance. A modified gun does not meet that first criteria of design, and it's not hard to find out the info an all the airsoft guns out there.

They don't test every Crosman that comes into Canada, they go by what the gun is designed to do, according to the manufacturer, and would only do testing if there was a legal problem or a court case.

How many manufacturers would make a gun specifically for Canada, design it to meet our requirement, build it and sell it? The answer is none, we're to small a market. If someone made an AR, 90% of people would bitch because they wanted a P90, or AK, or G36 or MP5.

The only manufacturer who is known world-wide to make a gun that meets the RCMP benchmark as it was designed to shoot in excess of 407 fps and will do it is Systema's MAX PTW. But there's also a risk that it will shoot over 500 fps in testing, so you could be screwed with even that too. So, even it could have an issue of testing. And which Canadian is going to surrender their PTW to the RCMP for perhaps many months or years for testing, with no guarantee it will ever be returned to them? If you find someone to do it, let me know, I know it won't be me.
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