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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Many nations have seem to come to a consensus on 1J as being a safe limit, but the RCMP is at or above 2J (depending on ammo). If they were at the 1J level as Britian, Japan, Italy, etc, you'd see alot more guns capable of being considered firearms, but not replicas.

How many guns out there can (if sent in stock form to the RCMP lab) actually shoot in excess of 407 fps, but under 500 fps with merely the insertion of a battery and some BBs? Not very many (MAX PTWs are the only electric guns that come to mind), so just the luck of the draw says that up until now, the Marui, Western Arms, KSC, etc that have been involved in CITT appeals have not met this minimum performance burden, so the replica classification of those guns was a result.
Heh, if you ever get involved in something like that, just throw an M150 or M160 spring in there

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