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Angry Rrplicas...

In all the years I been reading and studing the laws between airsoft and replicas... And trying to find that loop hole, and all I been finding is some grey areas in the matter at hand... I still find it, in my opinion - that weather it being a toy gun a bb gun or just a plan ol replica gun is just silly to prohibit, just because it looks like a real gun. People should be able to chose to buy one just for ether to collect or to play with in a sim war. But if some morons out there want to use a replica in an unlawful way, then I say let the law deal with it... But for some of us good citizens out there that want replicas shoudn't have to pay for the idits out there.... But should be aloud to buy them or even to import them with out a damn licence... Sure I'll pay all the taxs that come with it... But why punish those of who want replicas with all good intentions of being a law byding... "Sorry this subject just drives me nuts...."
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