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Just got my L96. No orange barrel tip, SCORE!

-Package was HEAVILY damaged ( The box seems to have been raped from all angles) However package contents were fine.
-Gun had a few light scratches and one deep scratch on the stock.
-Powdery stuff on the outerbarrel, not sure what it was, wiped off easily
-The information sheet was a bit worn / bent / etc.

If I bought this gun from the classifieds, I'd say it was used but I'll have to assume its new.

Unsure if the preceding problems were due to the retailer, or the manufacturer so fingers will not be pointed. The package was shipped in the original L96 box wrapped with mailing paper wrapped around it and taped. The packaging was not damaged despite the box being mutliated (torn, bent, held together by staples) so I can't blame CP this time.

Otherwise, from ordering--It took approximately two weeks to arrive at my doorstep.

Pictures on request.
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