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Originally Posted by Fury View Post
I hear the F1 has had issues failing to measure airsoft speeds accurately. Don't quote me on that but I'm sure I've read it somewhere this morning when looking for a chronograph.
I have never found that as a problem

Originally Posted by Death March View Post
I looked at these and lighting is always an issue.Even at one of the outdoor games,lighting was a problem.It seemed that when the Moon is 1/4 full and the stars turn red then and only then can you get a good reading Lol.Sorry couldn't help it thow.But I'v just seen more problems arise from these than there worth,just my opinion.I think the nice thing with the Madbull's X-3100's and X-3200's is if your using it for fine tuning your unit inthe house,the lighting is not as big of a prob.And there size seems to be a nice + as well!

This is truly an issue, I find we play a lot in low light conditions... in the summer outdoors; no problem but any other time it can suck... You can purchase a light kit for cheap, but you shouldn't have to.

Good points boys
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I swear, I didn't find out about it till I got home from bangin' little miss rotten-crotch!
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