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Originally Posted by Jayhad View Post
why not buy a chrony chrono... they have 20+ years experience, are rock solid, smae price and can be used for things other then airsoft, ie anythikng that flys from 30 - 7000 FPS

I guess you don't get impact measurements
I looked at these and lighting is always an issue.Even at one of the outdoor games,lighting was a problem.It seemed that when the Moon is 1/4 full and the stars turn red then and only then can you get a good reading Lol.Sorry couldn't help it thow.But I'v just seen more problems arise from these than there worth,just my opinion.I think the nice thing with the Madbull's X-3100's and X-3200's is if your using it for fine tuning your unit inthe house,the lighting is not as big of a prob.And there size seems to be a nice + as well!
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